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Reference & Research

Need help researching a paper, story, or homework assignment? The Jefferson County Library System offers many resources for finding the information you need. Check out the library research tools we offer below: 

The library system offers a variety of services, from printing tax forms to help with computers. 

NOTE:  Unsolicited sites or links will not be added to the Library's web page. 


Library staff encourages everyone to follow this information and do everything you can do to help decrease the rise of COVID-19 in Pine Bluff and Jefferson County. We want to reopen the libraries and welcome you back to the renovated and new buildings but need everyone's help


Need help with research? Find thousands of articles and other library research tools in our academic journal database to help assist you.

Digital Collections

View digital documents pertaining to all things Jefferson County and Arkansas.


We keep you updated on the Genealogy resources of the library and beyond.

Job Resource Center

Need help searching for a job or creating a resume? This is the place for you!

Niche Academy

Online teaching tool for many different subjects with ready too use tutorials.

Chilton library for Car repair and Maintenance

Get the detailed information you need to tackle vehicle maintenance and repairs.