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Animals Kids

Learn everything from endangered animals, wild animals, and pets.

All About Birds: Learn all about birds on this website created by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology. Bird names, species, location, and history are all featured. Also included are bird songs and videos.

Animal Diversity Web: A collection of pictures and information about animals. Accounts of individual species include information on distributions, natural history, conservation, and economic importance, along with pictures and sounds if available. There are even short movies.

Animal Fact Guide: Learn interesting facts about animals around the world. The site includes animal videos such as a rare pygmy hippopotamus at an Australian zoo and a wildlife blog.

Bat Resource Area: Maintained by the Bat Conservation Society, this site includes bat facts, photos, pictures, and fascinating bat trivia, such as how to exclude bats from buildings.

Butterflies and Moths: An extensive and growing resource about the types of butterflies and moths that are found in North America, as well as where they are found. You can also learn how to identify butterflies and moths, find a list of which species live in your area, and report ones that you see in your backyard!

The Dino Directory: Natural History Museum’s online guide to dinosaurs with images, facts, and figures for over 300 dinosaurs

Exploring Nature Education Resource: A natural science reference site for students and educators. The site includes resource databases in the areas of wildlife, biomes, adaptations, environment, trees and flowers, human anatomy, farm animals, and space. Databases for younger children include fun mazes and habitats. This site helps educators with information on how to bring naturalists to your school for visits, as well as activities, nature trails, and a science store from which to order materials.

Healthy Pet: Tips for taking care of your pet from the American Animal Hospital Association. Helps visitors find the pet hospital nearest to where you live. The Kids Klub section includes coloring/activity sheets, games, fun facts, and care sheets.

Magic Porthole - Coral Reefs and Oceans: Enter the Magic Porthole™, which takes you into the fascinating and fragile world of coral reefs, using a variety of multimedia experiences. Explore virtual reefs with reef creatures as guides. Children can play games and win prizes as they learn about different reef animals. This website includes resources, news, exhibits, and other information on coral reefs and other sea animals.

National Geographic Kids: Gives information on areas of animals, history, art, science, geography, along with maps.

Sea World / Busch Gardens Animal Information Database: Designed especially for students and teachers, the Sea World/Busch Gardens Animal Information Database brings the world of wildlife to classrooms! Download cool animal facts, teacher’s guides, quizzes, activities . . . even check out live animal cams!

Wildlife Film Maker: The National Geographic Wildlife Filmmaker allows kids to make animal movies using short clips of a wide variety of animals. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, they can add animal sounds, music, and captions. Once a masterpiece is completed, it can be saved on the site to share with family and friends or e-mailed directly to them.