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Meeting Room Policy


The meeting rooms have been provided to expand the library services offered to the community; therefore, library programs always have priority over any other use of this facility. The rooms may be made available for community use when not needed for library-centered programs. The library reserves the right to review all applicants before approval, and all decisions regarding the appropriateness of the reservations are at the discretion of the branch manager or director. Every effort will be made to honor reservations that have been adequately made; however, the branch manager or library director reserves the right to cancel a reservation for any reason. The library reserves the right to take photographs of events for its own records and for future promotional materials. The following policies regulate community use and do not apply to library programs, city or county functions, or Friends of the Library events.

Who can use the meeting rooms?

Jefferson County residents with good-standing library cards may use the meeting room.

When can meeting rooms be used?

Meeting rooms can be used between the hours of 9 a.m. and 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday. Meeting rooms are not available for use on Holidays when the library is closed. The room may not be used for profit-making purposes or for any purpose which is illegal and soliciting. No admission fees nor donations, physical or digital, will be collected during the use of the meeting room.

  • Meeting Room bookings can be booked for up to 8hrs.
  • Library staff may attend or observe any event at any time.
  • The library Meeting Room may not be reserved more than three months in advance of the requested use date.

Use of the meeting rooms does not constitute sponsorship or endorsement by the Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Library of points of view expressed by the meeting room occupant. The library's name may only be used to indicate the program's location and not as a referral for information about the event. The library shall not be responsible for articles lost, stolen, or damaged, nor for personal injuries sustained on the premises during the event.

Is there a fee?

The hourly rate for using meeting rooms at Altheimer, Redfield, Watson Chapel, and White Hall is $20hr and $25hr at the Main Library. The fee may be waived to authorized non-profit or publicly funded organizations. A $20.00 nonrefundable booking fee is required within 7 days of booking, and if the booking fee is not paid within this period, reservation will be canceled. The booking fee will count towards the balance, and the remaining balance must be paid before meeting room use. If the room or library property isn't cleaned after using the space, the responsible party will be charged a $30 cleaning fee. If repairs are required for any damage due to neglect of library property, the responsible person will be charged accordingly for the repair costs.

Booking Responsibility

The library is not responsible for setting up any tables or chairs for the meeting room booked.

When leaving the meeting room, chairs should be returned to their original position, and lights should be turned off. Return the attendance count to the reference desk or branch manager when the event is over.

Smoking or drinking alcoholic beverages is forbidden. Silly String and glitter are not allowed. No activity that generates smoke or flames is permitted. Noise levels must be reasonable.

Signs and decorations must be approved by the manager (or designee) and meet fire and safety standards. Signs and decorations may not be attached to any surface or posted outdoors without permission from the staff.

In the event of a cancellation, please contact the library as soon as possible. Failure to report cancellations may result in loss of meeting room privileges.

Can refreshments be served?

Yes, refreshments can be served at all meeting room locations. Please advise the manager or designee that refreshments will be served upon booking a meeting room.


Use of AV equipment can be made available upon request. The responsible party will be charged the retail value of any items damaged or not returned to the PBJC LS.

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