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Biographies for Kids

Learn about important people of the past and the present. Inventors: Find information on famous inventors or discover how to become an inventor.

Abraham Lincoln Research Site: This is a student-oriented educational Web site about Lincoln's life and family. The webmaster, a retired American history teacher, answers questions by e-mail.

America's Story: Meet Amazing Americans: Review biographical information about individuals that helped shape American history. From the Library of Congress.

Biography A & E Page: Has a searchable online database containing 15,000 international names, past and present. This is a commercial site for the Biography television show.

Martin Luther King, Jr.: Seattle Times’ online information about Martin Luther King Jr.

Notable African Americans - Infoplease: Visit this site to find short biographies of notable African Americans in alphabetical order.

Presidential Timeline of the Twentieth Century: Portal to the presidential libraries and their digitized collections from Hoover to Clinton. Information is also available for educators.

The Presidents of the United States of America: Profiles of presidents of the United States, including photographs and links to other Web resources.

Women of NASA

Women’s History Month: Learn about the generations of women who have made an impact in history.

Women's International Center Biographies: View this site for an alphabetic index of both well know and lesser know notable women.