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Fax Charges and Lending Library Artifacts Policies

Policy on Fax Charges
Outgoing Fax

The cost for sending a personal FAX will be $1.00 for the confirmation page only. All other pages are FREE!
Incoming Fax

The cost for receiving a personal FAX is 25 cents per page.

Policy on Lending Library Artifacts
Library artifacts may be borrowed by Museums, Arts & Science Centers, Universities, Colleges, Libraries and other appropriate institutions that may have a valid need to borrow the artifact for display. Library artifacts may be borrowed under the following circumstances:
  • That the institution sends an official written request for borrowing the artifact. The request must state the purpose for borrowing the artifact, the security the institution has to assure the artifact will be in a protected area, the insurance carried, a description of the facilities where the artifact will be displayed, and a statement of accepting full responsibility for the safety and preservation of the artifact.
  • That the institution will state in writing, as part of the display, the artifact is the property of the Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Library System.
  • That the Library Board must approve the loaning of the artifact. (The Executive Committee can approve the loaning of the artifact if the Library Board does not meet before the artifact is needed. The Library Board will be notified at the next meeting of the Executive Committee action.)
  • Artifacts may be borrowed for a maximum period of six (6) months, although the time period may be renewed or altered under special situations with Library Board approval. Requests go through the Director who will determine if, in his/her opinion, the request is valid and reasonable. The Director will forward reasonable requests to the Library Board (or Executive Committee) for approval. The Director will be sure that proper files are kept on artifacts loaned out. The Director will inform the board in writing when artifacts are returned.