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The directories available for searching include 740,715 entries.
Lists both private and public companies. Information includes financial data, and key personnel.
The Internet 800 Directory covers all toll-free telephone numbers, not just those provided by AT&T. Companies are listed by business category, company name, state, and 800 number.
Maintained by Euredit, this page serves mainly companies in European communities who wish to trade beyond their national borders. The directory lists 150,000 selected companies from 25 countries.

Licensed U.S. physicians by name (limited by state), specialty or condition.
Comparative data for most hospitals.
Ranks top hospitals by areas, name, specialty.
Verify current dental license status.
Helps consumers find the right doctor and the right hospital for the right care.
Includes licensed physicians and indicates possible types of disciplinary actions against them with names/numbers to contact for further information.

Discusses the history of African Americans from pre-colonial times to the present. Includes memoirs, letters, family histories, newspapers, oral histories, and city directories, providing historical evidence to help understand and interpret past events. For high school and college students, as well as general readers.
Includes Federal Census Records through 1940, Military Records, City Directories, Maps, and many valuable Genealogy resources.
Lists residential and business phone numbers. Includes reverse lookup by phone number.
Identify a location by its area code and local phone exchange (the first 3 digits of the phone number). In reverse, this site will give the area code and local exchanges for a location.
Includes international calling codes, phone books, and time zone information.
Reverse directory searching by phone numbers and addresses for businesses and individuals using the yellow and white pages. Contains listings for several countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, France. Additional searches possible for available e-mail addresses, and other miscellaneous subjects.
This handy device will give you the appropriate country, city or area code for dialing locales in the U. S. and Canada. You can search for locale by area code and vice versa.
Servicio Postal Mexicano. The site is in Spanish.
British Telecommunications provides this telephone lookup for people and businesses (this includes public authorities) in the United Kingdom. For both searches, you must provide a name and an area of the United Kingdom to search in. Only entries in the printed phonebooks are included here.
Directories for Pine Bluff, AR. All entries are housed by the Pine Bluff/Jefferson County Library.
Search for people, businesses, reverse phone and address searches, area codes, zip codes, mobile carriers lookup, neighbor lookup and free registry for email addresses and to edit information.
Find a business, person or get map directions.

You can look up the postal code for street addresses, rural addresses and post office boxes and find the address ranges for a given postal code. The information on this site is updated monthly.
The Royal Mail puts up this page to help you locate the Postcodes for any address in the United Kingdom. There is also an "address finder" for locating an address when one only has the postcode.
US Zip Code information from the proverbial horse's mouth (the US Postal Service). You can look up the Zip + 4 code for any address, or enter a city and state to see all Zip Codes associated with that city.