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Print, Fax, & Scan


Each library offers public printing for 15¢ per page. We only offer Black & White printing. We do not offer color, mobile, or wireless printing.


To send a fax, please bring your document(s) as well as the recipient’s number. We do provide cover letters if needed.

The cost for a personal fax is $2.00 for the first page, and $1.00 for the proceeding page(s). The cost of phone charges is included, if the call is within the United States. For international calls, you will need a phone credit card.

If you are faxing to a toll free number, there is no charge for faxing documents.  Toll free numbers are 800, 866, and 877.

The cost for receiving a personal FAX would be $1.00 per page. Information sent to a branch from the reference department (such as a copy of a magazine article) is only 25¢ per page.


The library offers scanning service. You can scan documents to your USB drive. Our staff will assist you with any scanning option.