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Meeting Rooms

Meeting Rooms FAQs
Who can use the meeting rooms?
PBJCLS serves Jefferson County citizens with a wide variety of materials, services, and programs.  In addition, some branches have meeting spaces for use by individuals and non-profit organizations. The Library may require proof of nonprofit status or proof of authenticity of company. 
What purpose do these meeting rooms serve?
The meeting rooms serve two purposes:
  • provide space for library-sponsored, library co-sponsored, or local government programs for the public
  • provide space for individuals or non-profit organizations for the purpose of non-profit activities supporting the Library’s mission
Priority use of the rooms will be given to library-related programs.  Meeting rooms are not available for purely social purposes, or for the benefit or self-promotion of individuals or commercial concerns.  Admission fees cannot be charged to attendees.
Is there a fee?
  • Effective January 1, 2016, a $20.00 non-refundable fee is charged for use of the Library System's meeting rooms. 
  • Little Theater: non-profit groups are charged $100 per day or $50 for 3 hours or less. For-profit groups are charged $300 per day or $150 for 3 hours or less. A 50% refund is available if group or company cancels with a two week notice, a 75% refund with one month notice, a 100% refund if Library does not approve request, or if Library cancels scheduled event due to inclement weather, loss of power, or other factors beyond control of organization using theater. No other refunds will be allowed.
To protect the interest and property of the Library, all agencies, groups, and organizations must pay a designated Library staff member $12.50 per hour (2-hour minimum), during the following times: Monday through Thursday after 6 p.m., and Friday & Saturday after 1 p.m.  Governmental agencies may be exempt if approved security is provided by a law enforcement agency.
How can I reserve a meeting room?
  • request in person or by telephone (Hours & Locations)
  • must meet the eligibility requirements as defined by the Meeting Room Policy
  • must be requested at least 14 days prior to the event
  • may be requested up to three months in advance
Applicants will be notified of approval within one week.  While approval is pending, the requested date may be tentatively scheduled.  If a request is denied, the reservation fee will be refunded by mail within two weeks or in person.  Library staff can discuss dates, policies, procedures, and equipment availability with the applicant by telephone or in person. In addition, the applicant may also request a tour of the meeting space.
When can meeting rooms be used?
Events scheduled in the meeting areas must begin during library hours of operation.  Library hours vary from branch to branch.  Contact the branch of your choice to determine availability.  If use of the meeting space is to extend after library hours, all agencies, groups, and organizations must pay a designated Library staff member $12.50 per hour to provide for staff to close and secure the building. Extended hours cannot go beyond 8:00 p.m. and must be arranged when a meeting room is reserved. Governmental agencies may be exempt if approved security is provided by a law enforcement agency.
How large are the meeting areas?

Meeting Area

Boardroom - Main Library

Maximum Occupancy


Phone Number

(870) 534-2159

Meeting Room 2nd FLR – Main Library
(870) 534-2159
Theater-Main Library
150 (870) 534-4802
White Hall Library 50 (870) 247-5064
Redfield Library
(501) 397-5070
Altheimer Library
(870) 766-8499
What equipment and services does the Library provide? Most meeting rooms have tables, chairs, and kitchen facilities with refrigerators, sinks, and microwaves.  The Library can provide A/V services to meeting room users. Please check with individual branches to reserve equipment.
Can refreshments be served?
Some branches allow refreshments to be served. Please contact the individual branch you’d like to use to see if they allow the serving of refreshments.
How is the layout of space for my event decided?
Staff members are not able to assist with room set-ups.  An applicant is responsible for returning the room to its original set-up if it is altered.  Library exhibits, furniture, and equipment, other than meeting room chairs and tables provided for public meeting use, may not be moved without permission of staff member.
Where do meeting room participants enter the Library?
Generally, meeting room participants enter through the building’s main entrance.  All meetings must take place during normal open hours.  However, depending on the branch, the entrance may be at a different location than the main entrance.  This will be discussed prior to the event.
What are the Library’s rules on signage and decorations?
All banners, signs, and display materials used in connection with an event or meeting must be approved by the manager or designee and place only in designated areas.  All signage and decorations must meet Jefferson County and Pine Bluff’s safety and fire standards.  Materials may not be affixed to any surface, (e.g. walls, windows, floors, furniture, or fixtures_ at branches without approval by the staff.  No signs or other materials may be posted outside of the branch meeting room without explicit permission of the staff or, in a few cases, where specific space is designated for that purpose.
Do I need to notify the Library about coverage by the press?
Yes. The Library will help applicants identify on-site press needs; however, the work of the Library may not be disrupted.  Press conferences or special needs must be approved.  Accommodations for the press may entail costs.  For more information, please call 870-534-2159.
All libraries have free designated parking areas that are available on a first-come, first served basis.
  • Library staff and any member of the public wishing to attend your event may enter a meeting at any time.
  • Animals (with the exception of service animals) may not be brought onto Library premises or grounds unless part of a Library-sponsored program.
  • No activity that generates smoke or flame is permitted.
  • The Library is not responsible for items or equipment left in the building before, during, or after an event.
  • The Library reserves the right to take photographs of events for its own records and for future promotional materials.